10 Reliable Sources To Spruce Up Holiday Baking And Entertaining

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Equipment is essential to success

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Photo by Abie ZeroSix from Pexels

1. Baking equipment and accessories are essential for success! 

2. Wilton products are some of my utmost favorite products to use.



Simple Bundt Cake 2018

3. Bundt cakes can be as simple or as creative as you allow yourself to be and that includes flavors. The one above is my simple Chocolate Orange cake with powdered sugar. 


Flavorings and Decorating

4. Decorating with festive colors is absolutely what draws the eyes of your guest to the dessert table! 

5. Comforting aromas of holiday favorites may start a conversation of grandma’s kitchen and the robustly seasoned desserts will have them wanting more. 

6. Setting your festive table with easy to excess dips or sauces will be successfully displayed with condiments set like Sandra Lee has in her line of products. 




Holiday Entertaining 

7. Sandra Lee is my favorite semi-homemade host and author out there these days. Although I have the time and opportunity to bake and cook everything from scratch, busy working people can pull off fantastic displays and foods also.

8. Celebrations At Home is currently being explored by myself and I wanted to share in time for your holiday parties!!

9. Homespun Seasonal Living is another new site that I am exploring. 

10. If you enjoy Rustic or Country style entertaining give a visit to Nell Hills

or Rosemary & Thyme







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