Excitement about Learning

Today's daily prompt is Learning   Learning Part of being a Culinary Student is learning knife skills and doing food art. The above picture is actually a radish turned into a swan. In class we were taught to make the swans out of apples. Apples fit nicely into your hands and are easy to work … Continue reading Excitement about Learning


Mona Lisa’s Eyes

Midlife brings so many changes.  On this early Monday morning as I sip my tea and listen to the birds greet the morning I  realize this Mona Lisa's Eyes no longer follow the things she did just last month.  Our little community is busy with school and work again.  Everybody seems ready for Fall.  I … Continue reading Mona Lisa’s Eyes

Dreams or Nightmares 

Dreams that become possible nightmares.  Waking up from a vivid dream usually gets a heart pumping and the brain working.  Especially if you are trying to get to the top of a mountain.   Was it because of thinking everything is going to smooth or fears that plague you during Midlife?  One will never know … Continue reading Dreams or Nightmares