Sharing the Love Challenge!

So with November fast approaching and enjoying  this adventure of blogging and the blogs I have had a pleasure to discover and read, I would like to Challenge my followers to share the Love for November!

The Challenge is to Share 5 favorite blogs that you read and possibly either the first blog post that caught your attention or like on one new favorite of mine, a blog that clears up a curiosity. Please add links if possible.

The first blog that I ever subscribed to the email list was,

I was looking for Ideas to help with a small apartment and came across this post,

I am not a single women, so not all the ideas worked but this blog always offers some kind of hint I can find useful. 

The second blog I came across and followed was,

She walked me through how to begin to blog and I always find helpful tips on her site as well.

The next one I found while exploring the daily prompt site and I feel in love with the following blog post under friendship. 
Tea for Two and Two for Tea

The next one I also found through other bloggers and I look forward to new posts each week. Variety here is a Spice of Life. 

Welcome, Fabulous Women Over 50!


Now last but not lease, This next blog I actually came across through twitter while doing something I truly enjoy doing, Encouraging People. Hunters and Outdoor activities have always been a part of my life, Dad took us camping from the time we three kids could walk and yes I bait my own hook because dad said it was a part of the adventure.  I had not realize how many hunters used twitter and I have enjoyed encouraging them the same way I would my brother, uncles and hubby’s best friend.

 Hunting with Jeremy is a great blog for the men of course, but the link to this particular posts is the post that cleared up a curiosity for me. I have had a heritage card since my son was 13 years old, but just can’t handle the cold weather, so have never asked hubby to join him on hunting season.


So there is my five! Have a Great month of November Blogging!!!


2 thoughts on “Sharing the Love Challenge!

  1. Good Morning Donna,
    I am honored that you mentioned my site and that you are going to start following me at I like the name of your site, especially the positive word, New, and more importantly… your thoughts. I believe you see your cup half full and know how to make lemonade out of lemons. Me, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I enjoy your blog and blogging, although it has only been since May, I now have 20 followers and lots of positive encouragement.


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