Overwhelmed by Solitude

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At this stage of Midlife and being a caregiver for a spouse with lung disease I am always Overwhelmed with Solitude. There is two specific reasons for this Overwhelming feeling.

First of all the sadness of future solitude. There are days I can not even look at couples holding hands or even pictures of friends out on dates.  I don’t say a thing, just smile. It isn’t their fault or even jealousy, it just part of facing the future of solitude. At this stage of care-giving you have a thousand secret thoughts each day. 

Second of the two is my personal Solitude, I absolutely appreciate sitting by the lake all alone with a good book or just my thoughts. The Overwhelmed part of Solitude here is the guilt. Thought of do I deserve this time in the sun by the water while my spouse sits inside on oxygen.  

Well I imagine you have come to the conclusion that each day solitude for a care-giver is overwhelming. Overwhelmed of thoughts of being alone the rest of your days or thoughts of if I don’t get to have solitude soon, I will be no good for anyone.  Are you a caregiver for a spouse? Do you struggle with overwhelmed thoughts of solitude? Feedback would be very helpful at these stages.





13 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by Solitude

  1. I want to hug you. Being a caregiver to a spouse must be one of the hardest things. All the emotions of sadness and guilt tied up together with love. But the only way you’ll be able to have enough strength to take care of your husband is to take care of yourself first. So please, go sit in the sunshine—you need it and yes, you deserve it.

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and yes this is harder than caring for each parent. 24/7 the emotional ups and Downs are unexplainable.


  2. I left this on your guest post but didn’t know if you’d see it over there



    Life is hard and with many unknowns. You are an inspiration for many. Sometimes, we need that nourishment that nature gives our body, mind, and soul.

    Blessings on your journey,

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    1. Thank you for stopping by the blog and your warm wishes…I still look forward to learning about hiking and such..


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    This is not only my most popular blog post of the year, but it was also shared on another blog. Solitude is real these days. As we move into colder weather and he feels ill more often,


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