August music Challenge

#challenge #music

Day #2

Well I will post two songs for this challenge today. 

#1 song on the day of my birth in the US is 

“Penny Lane” by the Beatles

In th UK though the following song was #1

As I sit here sipping on ☕ and posting this #1 song from the day i was born, March ? 1967.

“Please Release Me” I can’t help to laugh because all my life I’ve wanted to run. 

#1>Run from tough childhood.

#2> Run from Adulthood at times. 

#3>Run from what happens at the end of my #caregiver role to my spouse. 

My spouse has been a life long friend, companion, lover,critic, supporter, and much more. Almost 33 years out of my 50 years on earth. I can honestly state that I actually have never ran away. God has always scene us through the good and the bad. 


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