August Music Challenge

#challenge #music #365daysofwriting

Day 8 is songs of the 70’s

Well I was born late 60’s and my parents born in the mid 40’s so music in my home growing up ranged from varies styles and artist. We were music lovers for sure and so with that said The next two songs are just the deciding shares, I could of blasted this post with all sorts of videos.

Since I failed to challenge songs from the 60’s I will share one from a favorite artist.

Cher is an all time favorite and I love the song Bang Bang, Great lyrics and 

this video is full of amazing costumes and color

Now that I have shared the 60’s I will add the 70’s which had amazing artist also; as I said I could of blasted this page with favorites but I went with the Great Pat Benatar. This song came out right at the end of the 70’s.




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