July 30 Day Blog Challenge

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Blog Challenge

The final blog challenge I listed on the Blog Challenge Page is a Blog Challenge.

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30 Day Blog Challenge consist of learning about the blogger that you follow.  

  1. Introduction and recent photo
  2. Your 6 favorite blogs
  3. Your top 3 favorite posts 
  4. Why do you blog
  5. How often do you write
  6. Goals for future writings
  7. Write 30 interesting facts about you
  8. What is your best physical feature
  9. What are you afraid of
  10. Put your phone or iPod on shuffle and list first 10 songs that play
  11. Your 10 favorite foods
  12. Your 5 favorite desserts
  13. How important is education to you
  14. Your views on drugs and alcohol
  15. What do you collect
  16. What is your favorite genre of book
  17. What is your favorite genre of music
  18. Your highs and lows the past year
  19. Do you prefer to be active or couch potato?
  20. Do you prefer outdoor activity or indoor?
  21. Name 10 places you would love to visit
  22. How have you changed in past 2 years
  23. Favorite Summertime Movie and Why?
  24. Favorite Christmas Movie and Why?
  25. Goals for the next 30 days
  26. Your views on social media
  27. Views on social media breaks
  28. Which 4 social media’s do you use for blog
  29. One of your favorite shows growing up
  30. Favorite accomplishments


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