The Hidden Agenda Of Future Trip.


As I sit near a window, sipping a cup of tea and watching the birds fly in and out of the trees, my mind wonders to a future trip. This is a trip as no other, far from the life I live just for one week. Most beautiful cabin I have every seen with a lake and a bench just feet from the door. Room is full of lace and paintings and a cozy fire-place. The feel of fall will be in the air, so the fire place will be roaring at night.    Surrounded by books and silence is a dream come true. No one demanding a thing from the caregiver. 

Morning will show it’s pretty self with an amazing sunrise. The lake will be calling out my name to cast a pole and stare into the water and at the beautiful scenery.  Then the hot heat of the noon sun will send me after a glass of Iced Tea and a break on the front porch. Birds and squirrels doing what comes natural to them, and then the chill of the evening air just sends me back to hibernate next to a roaring fire with a mug of tea, bowl of soup and a stack of books. This routine goes on and on and on for seven beautiful and relaxing days. 

The sound of a man’s voice brings me back to reality, but leaves me with the thought of  The Hidden Agenda Of Future Trip. 


4 thoughts on “The Hidden Agenda Of Future Trip.

    1. Thank you, I was given a challenge to try fantasy. I do not read much of that so I just let my heart lead the way. It might be worth trying again, ( you think?)

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