July Songs Day 4-10

July Songs

Day 4 was supposed to be 2 Summer songs….

  1. Pontoon–Little Big Town
  2. Flip Flop Summer–Kenny Chesney

Day 5 was song from your favorite album….well short story before we downsized from our homestead the very last Christmas there, and for the first time in a long marriage both my husband and I bought each other one store bought gift and one mildly used yet purposeful gifts… My mildly used gifts was 10 Elvis Presley Albums….My favorite is the following….

Day 6 is a song that reminds you of somebody…..this is difficult choice. 

I decided on Mark Chestnut’s Thank God for Believer’s

Ladies most of the time…your man just needs you to believe.

Day 7 is a song that reminds you of somewhere….I could not come up with a song for this day….I really haven’t traveled in my life as of yet and nothing came to mind for this category.

Day 8 is a song with a color in title….well who doesn’t love hearing…

Day 9 First song I heard on July 9th 2018 was….

So Now that brings us to Day 10 and completely caught up with the July Song Challenge

Day 10 Last song you heard around 2 p.m. today…….

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