What I Wish Everyone Knew About Illness & Caregiving.

Strong as glass

The Man in the Chair


What I Wish Everyone Knew About Illness & Caregiving is that when the caregiver is sick everything seems to get pushed to back burner, except getting her health back on track and still doing what is necessary to be a caregiver.

Yes I admit the blog has been silent for a few days and even ended up taking a couple drafted blog posts off due to not being finished.  The Person behind the Pen has been dealing with a chest cold that almost turned into Bronchitis. This is actually a yearly thing but if you are a caregiver you tend to avoid taking care of your needs until someone says” you must take care of yourself too.” It’s funny how others notice but do not seem to jump in and lend some time to spare you of daily routine.

  This blogger is also a full-time caregiver to a spouse who lives with COPD. He is in the last Stage which is stage 4.  He still eats well and does a few essential things on his own but other than those essential things this caregiver is on duty 24/7. Then there’s my mother. She lives an hour away and I am part-time caregiver for that special women.


I absolutely have no regrets of being a caregiver, or even what it has costed me as for as not living out dreams and passions.  There will come a time in life where both of those desires will come into play and I will move on with no regrets.

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