Tangled up writer’s life!!

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The Person Behind the Pen has been writing in journals since her teenage years. One of the Things this Midlife Woman Enjoys!!! About three years ago she deactivated her website of Encouragement and began an adventure in blogging. She has in the past been told she should write a book after bringing a College English Professor to tears with a true event essay about the biggest life-changing event in her childhood.
Since the beginning of this blog, I have experienced a Tangled up writer’s life!! Tangled up with life events, personal stress, and accomplishments. Journaling is still my go-to release when I have thoughts that just need to be written down.

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As a Midlife adult with not a lot of me time, I just absolutely love sitting up late at night writing down my thoughts until I can barely keep my eyes open. The past couple years I have met several interesting people, some are #bloggers & #writers like myself, some are #photographers who really appreciate that they get credit for their work just as you do for your writing.
A Tangled up writer’s life is nothing if not interesting. Writer’s get inspired by all sorts of materials.


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