Life, Social Media and Future exploring!

" When you’ve got 5 minutes to fill, Twitter is a great way to fill 35 minutes.” – Matt Cutt Pinterests just might occupy your time a little longer but the above quote says it all. In 2016 I explained about Life Before Social Media and asked Have you ever yearned for your life before … Continue reading Life, Social Media and Future exploring!


A Writer’s Frustration!

borrowed from internet Dear fellow #bloggers/#writer's, #bloggers #Writer's #blogging #family #devices I ask is there anything more frustrating than your favorite writing device to go out; when your mind is full of posts to share? Especially when the nest is empty of all those smart-ass teenagers that can walk up to your home desk and … Continue reading A Writer’s Frustration!

May’s Arrival brings changes in Life!


Good evening to my Readers, April blogging was put on back burner for caregiver reasons. It will probably continue to be slow here for the month of May 🙏. My spouse's health is changing once again. To keep my mind busy I have completed the 2019/2020 color change board for the Cozy Condo Also take … Continue reading May’s Arrival brings changes in Life!