Sky Full Of Lights, Summer Closing Soon

The lights in the sky were signs of the end of another summer break. I truly hope your 4th of July was as relaxing and enjoyable as mine was this year. Listen to the video and you will hear the excitement of my grandson and you will recognized the exciting relaxing sounds of country life if you are a country boy or girl!!!

MidlifeNew July 4th , Copyright 2019 Newlifeduringmidlife

As much as I enjoy this time of year, I can not help to look at the calendar and know that school starts back in 6 weeks, Speaking of school this Midlife person is taking 2 writing classes this fall and very excited. My favorite time of year is near.

Photo by Pixabay on

Fall!! Awe the colors and apple butter and pumpkin.

I bake off and on all year round, but in the Fall and the holiday seasons I will bake almost daily just to smell the aroma of apple/cinnamon or pumpkin and spice. My home has that Fall atmosphere and welcoming spirit. Some of the business slows down and in my fifties I enjoy my own company and me time.

Photo by Danielle Pilon on

What about you, the reader? I wonder do you have a favorite time of year? Would you share a little detail?

Thank you for visiting, come back soon.


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