Midyear, Midlife Blogger Updates #2

Day #2 of Blog Updates:

I really enjoy searching for ways to share for the page Monday Support Our Troops, and although today is not Monday I added a new one and updated some pictures. Please let me know in the comments on this page if you know of ways to support our Troops!!!

Image by Olichel Adamovich from Pixabay

Another page I enjoy sharing but do not update often is Friday’s What I used to think, I look forward in the next year to have enough experienses that I can have reasons to change my mind on situations. 



Things this Midlife Woman Enjoys!!!, is updated and has a interactions request added to the end. 









Life is an Adventure!!!, Has a big surprise { hint; make sure speaker is turn down} 

Caregiver of a Strong Man, is the page about my spouse with COPD any posts about caregiving is pingback to that page mostly. 


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