Chef Movies: Four Likes Or Dislikes.

The movie “Burnt” with Bradley Cooper.

  1. (LIKE)The quote Bradley Cooper makes in this movie, about the kitchen is absolutely the way I feel about myself. I have a history of being an Introvert type person except when I am in the kitchen creating and working with other creators.
  2. ( LIKE) … I also liked the ways the movie attempts to show the audience, especially those with no clue as to the stress behind successful kitchens some of the methods that go along with running a top notch kitchen.
  3. (DISLIKES) … I disliked the fact that they waited until the end for Adam Jones ( Bradley Cooper) to accept a family meal with his staff.
  4. (DISLIKE) … I also disliked that after they accomplished the third star, they did not take it just a little farther to show how the staff handles a successful Chef.

Of course this is just one bloggers/audience members opinion. Watch “Burnt” for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Chef Movies: Four Likes Or Dislikes.

    1. I watched it for the first time in January and now I own it and have watched a couple times since. I have been in food service many years and been a culinary student for a little while.

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