The Pages Of His Life Were Too Tenuous To Handle.

October Prompts



Imagine a book

Thick but not heavy

Displayed on a stand

Word “Fragile” engraved below

You stand there wondering how a book 

Could be so ” Fragile”

You lift the cover and nothing happens

You begin to read about his life

The pages are thick and strong

As you begin to read and then

You gasp, as you realize

Each time his soul has been hurt

The pages are made of a flimsy piece of material.






5 thoughts on “The Pages Of His Life Were Too Tenuous To Handle.

      1. Isn’t it amazing what happens, even in just a few minutes, if you let your mind wander, allowing your thoughts to run free? I often do the writing prompts with my daughters, and it’s amazing to see what they come up with, after only a few minutes.

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        1. Once a year since I have started the blog. I ask my friend who has a master’s in psychology for a list of words to use for times when I have WRITER’S blog and it always amazes me what he challenges my mind with just using a list of words.


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