Day: November 7, 2019

Truth Be Told: Life Is To Short For 4 Meaningless Things!

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#bloglikecrazy November Prompts There is an old saying, ” life is to short for________.” Well this could cover a multitude of things, I would like to express my opinion on four things this woman views as meaningless waste of time. This is OF course just one woman’s view. I apologize ... more

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My Gratitude Grew From a _____ to a ______?

By: Donna | 1 Comment | | Category: Heart, Soul

2019 Monthly Prompts #bloglikecrazy Gratitude My gratitude grew from a 10 to a 12 in 2019!! I have said goodbye to many people this year. Amazing friends and family alike. I have lost material things and soon will lose the family home. It soon will be sold. The Cozy Condo ... more

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