5 Actionable Tips on hospital stay & Minimalism

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5 Actionable Tips on hospital stay And Minimalism

5 Actionable Tips on hospital stay & Minimalism

This post will share 5 Actionable Tips on hospital stay & Minimalism. My faithful followers know; being silent for seventeen months was due to a long hospital stay. Two in a half months long to be exact.

Minimalism pertains to simplicity. Living a simple, frugal life was my goal as a widow. I plan on sharing a list of some of my favorite resources below.

Then I will be sharing five actionable tips on hospital stay and Minimalism. 

Three Favorite Resources:

Two factors draw me to living a life of Minimalism.

  1. Simple life with a simple routine
  2. To no longer allow my past to mingle with my future

Now let me describe some things about hospital stays and see if you guest the five actionable tips on hospital stay and Minimalism. 

The Hospital Stay:

I stayed in the hospital for a total of seventy-nine days. For the first fourteen days, I was battling covid pneumonia. So those fourteen days are a blur. 

For the next fourteen days, I remained at TCU.

They put me on a soft food diet.

It is a good thing I studied nutrition. Although I understood nutrition; I battled with a protein deficiency. I had to get very creative with what I was allowed to order.

Around the twenty-eighth day, the doctors transferred me to the independent floor to get ready to go home. On the Independent floor, I owned a walker, a cup, and a hospital gown and excess to the bathroom. 

It took me two days to be brave enough to use the walker. I had watched my mother for years. At that time, I was fifty-four years old. It had never dawned on me that I would need such a device at that age. 

For the next three days; family members came by, to encourage the exercises.

Late in the evening of the third day, my right lung collapsed.

They called a rapid response, and I transferred back to TCU.  

I was at TCU for three days. Then I was transferred to the PCU again.

The stay in PCU lasted for twenty-five days.



As I arrived in rehab, I brought more belongings.

  •  I had enough clothes to change twice a day.
  • A deck of cards a nurse bought me.
  • Some reading and writing tools that a friend brought me.
  • My hygiene supplies.
  • A walker and a wheelchair.
  • I had a simple daily routine and a simple nighttime routine. 

5 Actionable Tips:

  1. Simple Routines can be inspiring.
  2. Owning less is not a bad thing.
  3. Living debt free is fantastic!
  4. Living a frugal life can save some stress.
  5. Your family is not left going through your belongings.

There you have it, how a hospital stay of seventy-nine days convinced me of 5 Actionable Tips on hospital stay and Minimalism. 

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