5 Simple Things To Remember About Baking And Cooking

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5 Simple ( but important) Things To Remember About Baking And Cooking

5 Simple Things:

  1. Mise en place
  2. Aroma
  3. Flavor
  4. Zest
  5. Healthy Eating

Mise en Place

5 Simple Things To Remember About Baking And Cooking, Mise en Place  or, “setting in place, positioning.” Although this is important to chefs in a restaurant, it is just as useful for the home chef. Meal planning is an excellent example. Planning your meals will help if your single or a family. 


The aroma of food very important. The scent reaches our nose even before the taste buds get a chance.  World Food and Wine describes it this way. 


Flavoring foods is considered an art. After the aroma has tempted you, your taste buds look forward to savory and sweet tastes. Find some Flavor-Boosting Tricks at Webmd. 


Lemons are the most commonly used fruit for zesting. I have zested citrus fruits and froze them for future uses. Learn some tricks in the article,  How To Easily Zest Lemons, Limes, and Oranges. 

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a priority for my family. You have read inFamily Life Changes & Dietary Need that situations come with change. Consumer’s Report reported about What the FDA’s Relaxed Food Label Rules Mean for People With Allergies. This article was alarming is so many ways. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln shares this chart


Remember: 5 Simple Things To Remember About Baking And Cooking

  • meal planning can make each day simpler. 
  • the aroma is the first sense affected
  • flavoring foods is considered an art
  • Zest is a useful ingredient, and it can be frozen. 
  • Healthy eating lifestyle changes are a priority to research.
Come Back Soon

Please let me know if the Consumers report was just as alarming to you and share your tips on zest or how meal planning works for you. 

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