A Cold Walk in January

By : | 0 Comments | On : January 12, 2018 | Category : Blogging, Day, Night,, Heart, Soul, Life and Care-giving, Nature, Water, Fire Outdoors, Sun, Moon, Writing

Happy 2018!!!

What a winter we are facing!!!! Cold may not even explain the way it feels outside.

Yesterday morning, It finally hit in the 60’s and I escaped to the beach for a short walk. It was chilly and windy but what a Beautiful site to see on the lake.  I wanted to spend much more time watching and exploring but expecting bad weather to return chased me quickly back to my vehicle. Shortly after this walk, and returning home from taking my daughter home. The temperature began to drop and low and behold this morning it was a 47 degree drop. Woke up to 15 degrees.   

Let me know how your winter is going? Have you found a day to escape?

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