A Season Of Summer in 2020?

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A Season Of Summer in 2020?

Thoughts Of A Season Of Summer:

Thoughts Of A Season Of Summer:
Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

As I lay here alone in bed, the wind outside sounding fierce and blowing fifty miles per hour. My mind keeps on racing as my hand holds the pen and I set out to clear my mind. Will there be a season of summer? I begin to write in my journal… Dear Journal, My mind is racing with questions such as… Will there even be a season of summer vacation? Wondering if there will be another chance to see my church family?

A Different World:

These answers are unclear to me at this moment but one thing is clear we have been handed a different world. The person behind The Pen does not have a clue to the answers, although she knows one thing for sure, Caregiver Life Changes During A Quarantine!

Life Goes On:

Until the answers are revealed about summer, she will keep her faith high and continue to plan for the future of new seasons in her life. Life goes on even after a loss or a disaster. Faith in God and a positive attitude guides her through each day. Confident it all will work out in the end.

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