A Writer’s Frustration!

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Dear fellow #bloggers/#writer’s,

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I ask is there anything more frustrating than your favorite writing device to go out; when your mind is full of posts to share?

Especially when the nest is empty of all those smart-ass teenagers that can walk up to your home desk and say here let me fix it. LOL

You know what my biggest fear is these days is the 7 year old grandson who has been around devices since he could speak…Imagine another year or so and I hear ” Here Nana get up and let me take a look” LOL

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  1. posted by Claudette on May 25, 2019

    my 11yo’s grandparents call her as their ‘tech support’. Or, if she’s visiting over there and there’s an issue with the tv, it’s her who fixes everything. ?

    • posted by Newlifeduringmidlife on May 25, 2019

      My daughter who is almost 30, can most of the time explain what to do over the phone lol ?


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