An Angel In Heaven I Knew For A Short Time

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An Angel I Knew For A Short Time
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I have read several blog resources that suggest you share something about yourself that your readers may not know about you. Today is such a day. You see there is an angel in heaven that I only got to spend 10 months with on this earth. The angel in heaven was my first grand-daughter. She was born in 2014 seventeen weeks early.

She was a micro-preemie and I say was because she went back home to God 10 short months later. My son nicked named her peanut from the first time she was placed on his chest. That is how we all had to hold her, on our chests with all the wires surrounded us in the chair. She was a fighter and survived several situations and several surgeries. RSV just can not be fought if your lungs are not strong enough. We all display her picture and tell her story, due to we were so proud of her strength.

Being a grandparent is a very special feeling and her older brother is my favorite guy in the whole world. If you are a grandparent may God Bless you and the time spent with the grandchildren!!

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  1. posted by atimetoshare.me on November 13, 2019

    Sorry for such a tough loss.

    • posted by Donna Alford: Short Stories on November 13, 2019

      Thank you, toughest thing about it all is I could not fix this one for my son. That was the scariest fear I ever saw in my child’s eyes.

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