Another Season Gone

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Another Holiday Season Gone

Another Holiday Season Gone

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Another Holiday Season Gone. Good evening from Missouri, here we are just four short days until we celebrate a brand-new year! A brand-new year means New beginnings! Also, new goals and recipes to share! I have begun to take down Christmas this evening, due to it is time to implement New Year’s Resolution That You Kept?

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I have so many inspirational resources to refer to for the new kitchen changes! Taking down Christmas gives me an opportunity to clean and reorganize the entire home before New Year’s Day!

New goals, New recipes and New insights about the author is all in the plans for 2021!

Another Holiday Season Gone,Insights About Me:

Meet the writer:

One of my first goals for 2021 is to update the About Me page. I have a brighter outlook for my mission and on my writing!

Recipe Goals:

So excited! Over this holiday season, I created two new recipes for a Bariatric patient. I started a new group on Facebook, and I am currently creating a group for those readers who do not use Facebook due to many has gotten away from social media. These groups will contain recipes, tips, and events. Please stay tuned for complete information in January.

Season Gardening:

Gardening is another goal I am excited about and have so many resources and tips. I am a container gardener due to the small space, but we do well.

Another Holiday Season Gone and I want to see your goals to, pingback or comment.

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