Another Year Passing

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Another Year Passing

Another Year Passing:

Christmas gifts

Good Afternoon from Missouri! Six short days until Christmas! Another year passing, five short days until my family joins us for food and fun!

As my grandson gets older, we introduce new traditions each Christmas, this will be the year grandpa attempts to teach him how to play chess. We will also play dominos. What about you?

Have you ever thought “you were born older?” If you asked me, I would tell you ” Yes”, I was born the oldest and my path in life have led to making adult decisions since my preteen years. Most of the decisions were made knowing God was always leading the way!

How a child is affected by the Christmas spirit:

mother and daughter decorating a christmas tree

Children are watching and waiting to be included. Just pay attention to their face for a reaction when asked to join you. I know you are sitting there thinking the devices are all that count, this is wrong.

Make it your goal this Christmas to teach them a game or a baking secret if their old enough.

2020 has been tough on this generation, school was interrupted in a strange way and what they wanted to be as an adult just might have been pushed to the back burner. Let’s encourage them not to give up.

This podcast says a lot about how our children will be affected in their future.

Another Year Passing, How goals progressed in 2020:

person using macbook pro on table

My Plans:

September Is Worth Making Goals is the way I prepared you for my goals.

My accomplishments:

  • Sharing where to find my poems– on the About Me page, I listed where my poetry and my author page can be followed.
  • Taking part in a #bloglikecrazy— I was able to put out seven posts during a tough year for the world and for his illness.
  • Recipes for special diets– I have created three special diet recipes for my family
  • I changed the Christmas spirit of the bah humbug person a tiny bit.

My Failures:

  • Participating in guest post offers.
  • Christmas budget mishaps– Although I did not overspend, receiving the packages and wrapping has not gone as it has in the past years.
  • Did not find time to post the three special diet recipes.

As another year ends, a new year means a new beginning!

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