At my own table I was a Fifth Wheel: What God Tells Widows

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At my own table I was a Fifth Wheel: What God Tells Widows

At my own table I was a Fifth Wheel: What God Tells Widows

As she sits at the table eating lunch with him and his family, she feels like a Fifth Wheel: What God Tells Widows is to stay single. In first Corinthians 7:8 it is written to the unmarried and widows I say that it is good for them to remain single as I am. She is not a Widow yet. There are times she is just as lonely. His wife watches as his sister shares pictures and joys in her life. The sister continues right through to the next picture and event. His niece reminds her mom that her sister-in-law is at the table. She turned towards his wife and the phone is then turned away quickly and the stories continue.

Her experiences resemble this type of event many times over the years of being a fifth wheel.

Makes her wonder if love can be real?

Also has thought what God tells widow makes sense.

What God Tells Widows:

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The End Time blog offers a 4-part series on this topic.

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What about Love? Is it real?

The Bible spells it out in Corinthians 13:4-7. In a marriage where both people attempt to do their best to work on these things may be real love can exist. If it is always just one, then it can be stressful to endure all things. I am not saying they need to be perfect, but they shouldn’t act unbecomingly.

A HEART FILLED WITH LOVE HAS NO ROOM FOR HATE is a great post about what love is in the Bible. Share your posts if you have shared a view of love or love & marriage.

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