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Orange Soaked Pound Cake

Orange-Soaked Pound Cake (from scratch)

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A delicious traditional pound cake infused with oranges.

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Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Orange Brownies

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Wonderfully chocolatey brownies with a hint of orange flavouring.

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Pan Coating Recipe

Pan Coating

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Pan Coating is a mixture of equal oil, shortening and flour that can be applied to cake pans with a pastry brush and it will not leave the residue on a baked crust.

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Sliding Cutting Boards

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Chopping Salad

It’s salad prepping day, the cutting board will not stop sliding around. more

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Garlic Peeling

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Garlic Cloves

Garlic Peeling will take you just 20 seconds with this trick more

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Country Boy Taught Us How To Garden Even In The Big City

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Growing Plants In Pots

Mid-January has arrived. My mind is already making plans for my container garden more

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