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Good morning, new year brings changes to Cozy Condo and new inspiration to work space.

Let’s take a look at past couple years…

The above picture is the living room for two years and I made changes for the New Year….

Very open atmosphere now. When I have guess and need to work; I am able to turn around, visit with ease and comfort.

Did you make changes behind the scenes for the New year?

Please share in comments below

Comments (7)

  1. posted by NatureCrank on January 8, 2019

    Well, I was going to resolve to many things but I saw somewhere to resolve to pleasing the Lord…I was like wow…yep that’ll work. But I’m particular, I want to have a better ordered life…simple things like I stopped making the bed, I let my diet get bad, and I need to get out more and travel.

  2. posted by pensitivity101 on January 8, 2019

    Our plans are for the kitchen this year, so I am planning the budget ready to start in a few months. Nothing drastic as it’s a small space, but new worktops, sink and tiling will lift it considerably.

    • posted by Newlifeduringmidlife on January 8, 2019

      That sounds exciting…we added New appliances but the kitchen is small here also.

      • posted by pensitivity101 on January 8, 2019

        Ours is fitted with washing machine and fridge/freezer, having replaced the non working built in oven with a free standing cooker last year. The tiling is cracked and dated (original as is everything else from 11 years ago when built) and the worktops badly chipped and marked. The sink is sort of OK in an old way but the mixer tap is dodgy and as we would rather have two taps, it mmakes snes to replace that too. Seems every huse we’ve owned ends up having a new kitchen!

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