Blog Six Months Review; Appreciation!!

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Three years ago I started Newlifeduringmidlife. Blog, I have definitely learned and experimented with several methods. Writing is probably my second passion, cooking being my first, although writing is moving fast into the #1 passion.

I wanted to do a six months review of 2019 and send all followers and readers a Huge Thank you for this experience and for all the comments and interactions. There are so many wonderful, interesting bloggers out there and I enjoy so many of the posts every week.

January 2019 brought 3 top posts:

This is a year long prompt, helps keep the caregiver accountable as caregiving gets tougher.


2 posts I enjoyed sharing.

1. Flowering Fields

2. Widowhood.

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Another thing I enjoy doing on the blog and moved it to it’s very own page is Monday Supporting our Troops

I am very grateful for these first three years and look forward to reading more blogs and sharing more posts in the future.

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