Box Of Chocolate And A Caregivers Life

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Box Of Chocolate And A Caregivers Life

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolate:

We all know that the quote ” Life is like a box of chocolate” comes from a popular movie called Forrest Gump. Life is a lot like that box of chocolate. You wake up in the morning look out at the sunlight and think what a beautiful day. Then you put your feet on the floor, not knowing if you’re going to have a smooth-running day, a can-I-get through this day, or a day full of bumps. Being a caregiver, I tend to think of my days in this way. The most common day for me is a day full of bumps. Followed closely by can-I-get through this day.

Picking A Piece Of Chocolate:

Picking a piece of chocolate out of the box is the easy part. The hard part is taking the first bite. That is when you discover what is inside. If it is chocolate your mouth is feeling wonderful. Chocolate has such a unique smooth sweet taste to it that you desire more. If it is coconut you can finish it, but not as easily. Even though coconut also has a sweet taste to it; it is stringy and takes longer to chew. If there are nuts in it, though, you give it another thought, because you may have a more challenging time chewing it up. Nuts are hard and have a salty taste.

A Caregiver’s Life:

I have been a caregiver for my spouse for eight years now. When I wake up every morning as a caregiver that has always been the easy part of my life. The hardest part is walking out of the bedroom and get a fill of the atmosphere and attitude. If it is quiet, then I know that I will enjoy my cup of tea and plan my day. Now if I walk out and he shouts when is breakfast, I then know my cup of tea will be rushed and the planning will come after he goes to sleep.

Box Of Chocolate And A Caregivers Life

  • Box of chocolate & caregivers’ life is similar
  • Taking the first bite of chocolate and waking up as a caregiver both causes surprises
  • chocolates leave pleasure in your mouth or it is hard to swallow the taste
  • Caregivers wake up with a smooth-running morning or anxiety from the start

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