Caregiver Responsibilities Emotions &Thoughts

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Caregiver Responsibilities Emotions and Thoughts

The COPD is changing once again. Which causes the caregiver Responsibilities,  Emotions and Thoughts to change. 



The Caregiver Responsibilities, Emotions and Thoughts change daily. April is here and storm season has began. Caregiver’s fear on a rainy night heightened. His 02 numbers drop faster these days when he gets off the oxygen for more than 10 minutes. Even with changes to his diet and routine.  Honestly he has no routine, sleeps most days and binge watches programs as the caregiver rest at night.


Being Overwhelmed by Solitude is an understatement these days. The caregiver now eats alone most meals. Keeps busy in the condo most of the day alone as he sleeps. The Caregiver Responsibilities Emotions and Thoughts feel her mind also as she rests alone at night. This April brings thoughts of what I Wish Everyone Knew About Caregivers & Illness and The Risks In An Unknown World. After he has awoken and she once again is nearby for the struggles and changes. She can not help to think about Emotions By The Water.


A caregiver’s thoughts are all over the place during the day and night. During an extremely hard day your wonder if anyone else has ever been this exhausted? During the night you listen for beeps of a failing oxygen machine or a cough that might result in him passing out until finally you drift off to sleep having faith tomorrow is yet another chance to take care of things.

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