A Road Too Narrow And A Bridge Too Far


October Prompts She catches her breath as she rests on the old covered bridge.  The road too narrow to bring a partner and a bridge too far for anyone to search her path. She travels down the path with one pole and a small bag of tackle.  Will this be the day she brings in the … Continue reading A Road Too Narrow And A Bridge Too Far


Money Saving Tips from a home cook!!


Harvest time, no yard just an oven and freezer!! Raising the family in the country for eighteen years, sure got this home cook spoiled with fresh garden produce and deals from farmers for fresh beef and pork. OH..deer season always brought meat too. This home cook misses canning and freezing seasons. Harvest time and no … Continue reading Money Saving Tips from a home cook!!

Fall into Winter

Autumn creeps in with orange foliage and yellow leaves. Harvested apples make their way into pies. Branches filled with death as Fall turns to winter. Soon their cozy by a blaring fireplace as the artic air brings chills before snowfalls.