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Thoughts On 3 Generations Of Widows In My Lifetime

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Thoughts on generations: 3 Widow’s during my Life Time

Through out my life I have known several widows. Some related and some not related. more

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Remodeling in Midlife Update!

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Remodeling in Midlife Update!

Remodeling in Midlife can be scary! Questioning is this the last time or am I prepare for the challenges? more

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2020 Resolved!!

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New Years Resolution Inspiration

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept? In the year 2000 we as a couple embarked on the adventure of getting a new home, after living on the land since 1995 in a single wide mobile home. The kitchen in this new home was a dream ... more

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Stroke of Midnight!!

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New Years Eve

Where were you last night when 2019 turned into 2020? The stroke of midnight came and went, here we are facing a New Year also a New Decade! Where were you last night when 2019 turned into 2020? I was at home, in the cozy condo. I had just walked ... more

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An Angel I Knew For A Short Time

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An Angel I Knew For A Short Time

You see there is a angel in heaven that I only got to spend 10 months with on this earth. more

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Last Quarter of 2019: Can You Believe The End Again?

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How did your writing go and have you accomplished the important things? more

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Truth Be Told: Life Is To Short For 4 Meaningless Things!

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#bloglikecrazy November Prompts There is an old saying, ” life is to short for________.” Well this could cover a multitude of things, I would like to express my opinion on four things this woman views as meaningless waste of time. This is OF course just one woman’s view. I apologize ... more

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My Gratitude Grew From a _____ to a ______?

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2019 Monthly Prompts #bloglikecrazy Gratitude My gratitude grew from a 10 to a 12 in 2019!! I have said goodbye to many people this year. Amazing friends and family alike. I have lost material things and soon will lose the family home. It soon will be sold. The Cozy Condo ... more

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Alcohol: In Which Way Has It Affected You?

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G. K. Chesterton said, " Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable." more

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10 Reliable Sources To Spruce Up Holiday Baking And Entertaining

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#BloglikeCrazy Equipment is essential to success (Amazon Affiliate Post) 1. Baking equipment and accessories are essential for success!  2. Wilton products are some of my utmost favorite products to use.   3. Bundt cakes can be as simple or as creative as you allow yourself to be and that includes ... more

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