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Truth Be Told: Life Is To Short For 4 Meaningless Things!

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#bloglikecrazy November Prompts There is an old saying, ” life is to short for________.” Well this could cover a multitude of things, I would like to express my opinion on four things this woman views as meaningless waste of time. This is OF course just one woman’s view. I apologize ... more

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July Prompts She was the sun that entered his late night relaxing time as he played on Dangerous devices that most people see as their world in the palm of their hands. Twilight dreams became something unexpected, A shattered existence is how the fantasy ends. more

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Blog Six Months Review; Appreciation!!

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Three years ago I started Newlifeduringmidlife. Blog, I have definitely learned and experimented with several methods. Writing is probably my second passion, cooking being my first, although writing is moving fast into the #1 passion. I wanted to do a six months review of 2019 and send all followers and ... more

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Bloggers of all kinds; Sharing The Love in June!

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Hopefully you are as calm and relaxed as the fellow in the picture. Unlike most of us who watched game 6 of the Stanley Cup last night. OMG what a game and what a season!! If you are looking for writing inspiration or Prompts or even something on the midlife ... more

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Summertime is especially important to Live Healthy

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Hello to my followers, Welcome back!! I hope your staying cool or warm depending where you are from or visiting today. Summertime is especially important to live healthy. As I expressed on Living Naturally I do attempt to live as natural as possible. I have already received compliments about my ... more

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Summertime Fashion!!! Revealing I am a fan!

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Today on this midlife blog I reveal that I am a fan of fashion blogs!!  I love the colors of 2019 and although I do NOT have the pleasure of shopping to my hearts content ( honestly I’m not sure a woman’s ? can be content with just shopping). I ... more

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