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Pickup Trucks for Song Lyric Sunday

By: Donna | 2 Comments | | Category: Heart, Soul, music, Prompts, Writing

Here are the “rules”: • Post the lyrics to the song of your choice, whether it fits the theme or not. If it does not fit, then please explain why you chose this song. • Please try to include the songwriter(s) – it’s a good idea to give credit where ... more

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Journaling Has Become A Way Of Life!!

By: Donna | 0 Comments | | Category: #quotes, #Tips, #Tools, Blogging, Heart, Soul, music, Prompts | Tags : , ,

As I sit here tonight, sipping red wine and thinking about the past few month, I think about how Journaling and writing has consumed my life. Tangled up writer’s Life, is so close to perfect description still. It seems as everything that can stop you from writing happens these days. ... more

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The Curse: An Appetite For Affection

By: Donna | 1 Comment | | Category: Heart, Soul, Love, Memories, music, Prompts, Writing | Tags : , ,

#! of July Prompts more

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Mom’s Personality Touched Many

By: Donna | 0 Comments | | Category: Family, Heart, Soul, Life and Care-giving, music, Short Stories

The woman that Completed Her Journey last year was not even supposed to see her daughter become a mother or a grandmother but her strong will and her faith in her God changed those circumstances. Things were not always a dream come true for this woman but she made the ... more

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Music & Song Lyrics Resources Post

By: Donna | 0 Comments | | Category: Blogging, discoverwp, Heart, Soul, music, Passion, Writing

Do you love music as much as I do? Do you just listen or really get into the lyrics? Do you play an instrument? I have played the flute growing up and took guitar lessons during my teenage years. Please share your music experience in comments. This posts will hopefully bring you ... more

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Midlife brings questions Like; “Haven’t you done that enough?”

By: Donna | 0 Comments | | Category: #challenge, discoverwp, Heart, Soul, Life and Care-giving, Love, music, Passion, Prompts, Writing

Story Starter Challenge Midlife brings questions like; ” Haven’t you done enough? or ” Don’t you think you are too strong for your own good?”  My answer to both of the questions is  “No! I Can Do Hard Things” Life has not really ever been a bowl of cherries and ... more

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Friday’s Music and Why It topped My Charts In 2018

By: Donna | 5 Comments | | Category: #seasons, Heart, Soul, Life and Care-giving, Memories, music, Short Stories

As my reader’s know Mom passed away during the holiday season, Her Journey Is Complete My parents taught us many things while growing up. One thing they taught us is to finish the job. The day after Mom passed away and the day before laying her to rest next to ... more

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Walking To The End Towards The Stars

By: Donna | 1 Comment | | Category: Blogging, Day, Night,, Fantasy, Life, Internet, and Pass-Times, music, Prompts, Sun, Moon

January Prompts A warm steamy mist arises off the waters; as she walked to the end of the wooden boards, the stars spoke to her, telling her she’s held it all in for too many years.   All she could say in return is…. more

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Another Chance: Beginnings & Adventures

By: Donna | 0 Comments | | Category: Blogging, discoverwp, Life, Internet, and Pass-Times, music, Passion

7 Days until 2019    Another Chance: Beginnings & Adventures!!  The person behind the pen is very excited for new beginnings & adventures! I truly believe that Life is an Adventure!!!  As a midlife person there are Life Adventures: annoy the fire out of this caregiver.  This journey has been a Tangled up writer’s life!! I ... more

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Brand New Year & Real Good Tan

By: Donna | 4 Comments | | Category: Baking, Blogging, Culinary, Food Art, discoverwp, Heart, Soul, Holiday, music, Writing

Merry Christmas 2018!!! A brand New Year is just about here and Yes All I wanted for Christmas was a Real Good Tan.  I did not get that wish forfilled but lots of new plans & goals for the blog in 2019 have me excited and inspired!!  May God Bless ... more

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