2019 Monthly Prompts

2019 Writing Prompts: Blogging is so much inspiring when we support one another. Please leave feedback and Pingback your posts so I can be inspired and keep caught up with my favorites January-- Limiting my time on Social Media caused surprising results. February-- Cupids appear around every corner. March-- She sat by the water, wishing … Continue reading 2019 Monthly Prompts


A lifetime of laughter could have saved them all.

January Prompts       Outside the bedroom window, the wind was howling On the nightstand burned a lavender scented candle Draped on the chair, a rose print robe hung elegantly They laid there breathless, knowing the secret cure. A lifetime of laughter in the bedroom could have saved them all.    Copyright 2019

Journaling at the end of the day!

#365daysofwriting #blogging #discoverwp #writing #fantasy As the long dreary day comes to an end, everyone is fast asleep. She relaxes near a window and begins to place her thoughts on paper. The day was full of conversations and images everywhere she went and the only way to rest her weary eyes was to share her … Continue reading Journaling at the end of the day!

Tangled up writer’s life!!

#bloggers #writers #photographer #life The Person Behind the Pen has been writing in journals since her teenage years. One of the Things this Midlife Woman Enjoys!!! About three years ago she deactivated her website of Encouragement and began an adventure in blogging. She has in the past been told she should write a book after … Continue reading Tangled up writer’s life!!