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Real Reason Behind Redecorating In August

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The Real Reason Behind Redecorating

My color pallet consists of purples and grays, as displayed in the slideshow below. Yes, these colors are conservative and surprising to some more

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Super Excited about November!!

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In 2017 I learned about #bloglikecrazy, it happens in November!! You can learn about it over at See Jane Write!  Last year mom was to sick and I did not participate but it is on the calendar this year! If my old computer holds out until holiday sales, I also ... more

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Smooth Sailing

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If a couple consists of one pessimist and one optimistic person you would not think anything could as they say be considered Smooth Sailing. Surprisingly that is the kind of couple we are, I am a very optimistic person and he is a very pessimistic person.   Standing out on our Cozy Condo deck ... more

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