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Real Reason Behind Redecorating In August

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The Real Reason Behind Redecorating

My color pallet consists of purples and grays, as displayed in the slideshow below. Yes, these colors are conservative and surprising to some more

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Behind the Scenes 2020

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Behind the Scenes 2020

Behind the Scenes, 2020 has gotten pretty exciting! more

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Change To The Adventure after 179 Weeks

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Updates on a writer's changes more

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Super Excited about November!!

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In 2017 I learned about #bloglikecrazy, it happens in November!! You can learn about it over at See Jane Write!  Last year mom was to sick and I did not participate but it is on the calendar this year! If my old computer holds out until holiday sales, I also ... more

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How Intent Are You About Goal Setting?

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Intent>>>having the mind, attention, or will concentrated on something or some end or purpose. How Intent are you about goal setting? Do you set new year resolutions or goals?  You see a new year resolution is a promise and a goal is the end toward which effort is directed.  Are ... more

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Bloggers of all kinds; Sharing The Love in June!

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Hopefully you are as calm and relaxed as the fellow in the picture. Unlike most of us who watched game 6 of the Stanley Cup last night. OMG what a game and what a season!! If you are looking for writing inspiration or Prompts or even something on the midlife ... more

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