Alcohol: In Which Way Has It Affected You?


G. K. Chesterton said, " Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable."


10 Reliable Sources To Spruce Up Holiday Baking And Entertaining


#BloglikeCrazy Equipment is essential to success (Amazon Affiliate Post) 1. Baking equipment and accessories are essential for success!  2. Wilton products are some of my utmost favorite products to use.   3. Bundt cakes can be as simple or as creative as you allow yourself to be and that includes flavors. The one above is … Continue reading 10 Reliable Sources To Spruce Up Holiday Baking And Entertaining

Christmas Snippets from the Internet

Featured Disclaimer: This is an Affiliate post     Christmas shopping can be stressful especially if you wait until the last minute. Not to mention all the food preparations and decorating. Do you have a favorite tradition or even a missed favorite tradition? Tell me about it in the comments. Do you have a favorite … Continue reading Christmas Snippets from the Internet

Super Excited about November!!


In 2017 I learned about #bloglikecrazy, it happens in November!! You can learn about it over at See Jane Write!  Last year mom was to sick and I did not participate but it is on the calendar this year! If my old computer holds out until holiday sales, I also look forward to the November … Continue reading Super Excited about November!!