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Remember Who I Am

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Remember Who I Am

Midnight Thoughts: Remember Who I Am? It’s midnight in the Cozy Condo. Wondering Who will Remember? The only sounds are a window fan and the dropping of ice cubes from the fridge. Also, the whistling of the tea kettle. After being trapped inside on a beautiful Fall day. I have ... more

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The hum of the distant mower gave her a thought.

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The memory of a father always returns; her father was an avid gardener and rather enjoyed making his yard beautiful!! He mowed and weeded and harvested fantastic gardens each year. Every time she passes by a well kept yard, the memory of a father returns and first thought crosses her ... more

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Priorities For Successful Morning Routine

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Do you have a morning routine? Do you have something that is a priority so that the morning routine is successful?My answer to both questions is Yes!!My #1 Priority to a successful Morning routine and a happy attitude all day long starts the night before. My #1 Priority is to ... more

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She Sat In The Diner; The Storm Raged In Her Mind

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January PromptsShe sat In the Diner; the storm raged in her mind and her cup of coffee. The storm raged on without any hope of being saved on that terrible day. The day began beautifully with him inviting her on the sailboat for a day on the water and picnic ... more

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Walking To The End Towards The Stars

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January Prompts A warm steamy mist arises off the waters; as she walked to the end of the wooden boards, the stars spoke to her, telling her she’s held it all in for too many years.   All she could say in return is…. more

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The Ultimate Lesson; 4 Ways Life Challenged Me to be strong

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#bloglikecrazy #Midlife #Life #Challenge Imagine for a moment…sitting in a chair in the dark all alone; your mind begins to wander through the ultimate lessons life challenges have brought your way. Which ones stick out to cause you to realize you have learned to become stronger because of those challenges? ... more

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