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Support Our Troops During Holidays!

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Normally These Posts Are ON Monday Support Our Troops more

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Last Quarter of 2019: Can You Believe The End Again?

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How did your writing go and have you accomplished the important things? more

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The Night Train To The End Of Another Year!

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"The best way to get husbands to do something is to suggest that perhaps they are too old to do it." ~ Shirley MacLaine more

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Super Excited about November!!

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In 2017 I learned about #bloglikecrazy, it happens in November!! You can learn about it over at See Jane Write!  Last year mom was to sick and I did not participate but it is on the calendar this year! If my old computer holds out until holiday sales, I also ... more

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Fall Quotes This Midlife Blogger 💕

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Chef Movies: Four Likes Or Dislikes.

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The movie “Burnt” with Bradley Cooper. (LIKE)… The quote Bradley Cooper makes in this movie, about the kitchen is absolutely the way I feel about myself. I have a history of being an Introvert type person except when I am in the kitchen creating and working with other creators. ( ... more

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She Gets Inspired By Colors!!

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She gets inspired & excited looking at vibrant fall colors in the woods. Oh my!! Fall is upon us, can you feel the excitement of the leaves falling? Oranges, Yellows, Reds, Browns… time to think about redecorating and baking. The smells of cinnamon and apple. Cranberry and pumkin. A long ... more

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Caregiver finds Respite At End Of Summer

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Respite: Well here we are, four in a half months left of 2019. This Caregiver just really needed to get back out into the world and live. The pool is right across the street from the Cozy Condo. You might not think of work as a type of respite, but ... more

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Six Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About A Brand New Free.

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As my caregiver days narrow towards a whole different way of life, there are six simple ( but important) things to remember about a brand new free. Free>>>: enjoying personal freedom : not subject to the control or domination of another Solitude Impossible Artificial Love Born 2 Fly Self-Care Bridges ... more

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The hum of the distant mower gave her a thought.

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The memory of a father always returns; her father was an avid gardener and rather enjoyed making his yard beautiful!! He mowed and weeded and harvested fantastic gardens each year. Every time she passes by a well kept yard, the memory of a father returns and first thought crosses her ... more

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