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Updated: Four Widows In My Lifetime

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Thoughts on generations: 3 Widow’s during my Life Time

Through out my life I have known several widows. Some related and some not related. more

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Why Is Everyone Talking About Breast Cancer Prayers?

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Why Is Everyone Talking About Breast Cancer?

Why Is Everyone Talking About Breast Cancer Prayers? Dear Readers, why is everyone talking about breast cancer prayers in this room? Grab a drink and let this caregiver tell you about an Unexpected Season of “What Ifs,” and What About Me and Life. She changes into that mauve color gown and ... more

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My fear, anxiety growing up with my Grandpa’s use of alcohol

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My fear and anxiety growing up because of my Grandfather's use of alcohol

The smell of his alcohol was pungent more

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Two Years Since Her Journey Is Completed

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Two Years Since Her Journey Was Completed

My mother had a way with words that just stuck in your mind. I was the daughter she watched prepare for widowhood. more

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Music Strangers Driving

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Music, Strangers, Driving

Music Strangers Driving: Driving and music go hand in hand in my vehicle types of old rock, soft rock, and country. Today as I drove my grandson home, then returned songs reminded me of strangers I have met. Music, Strangers, and Driving seem to work that way.  How does music ... more

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Fall Traditions Resume!

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Fall Traditions!

Fall Traditions! Fall traditions resume and some stick to you like glue. Autumn reminds me of my childhood traditions. Cleaning in the fall is one of those traditions from my youth!! Which season triggers a childhood tradition for you the reader? Thank God I do not live on the second ... more

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