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Support Our Troops During Holidays!

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Normally These Posts Are ON Monday Support Our Troops more

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10 Reliable Sources To Spruce Up Holiday Baking And Entertaining

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#BloglikeCrazy Equipment is essential to success (Amazon Affiliate Post) 1. Baking equipment and accessories are essential for success!  2. Wilton products are some of my utmost favorite products to use.   3. Bundt cakes can be as simple or as creative as you allow yourself to be and that includes ... more

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A Booklover’s Review!

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Reviews of books read more

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Fall:Plenty Of Time For Goal Making

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August 1, 2019 I asked How Intent Are You About Goal Setting? The Person Behind The Pen, has had a few changes in her life during the month of August. One of the changes is a new job that I talked about in the post Caregiver finds Respite At End ... more

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Midyear, Midlife Blogger Updates #2

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Blog updates more

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Midyear, Midlife Blogger Updates

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The next few days are all about updating pages on the blog and setting goals to finish 2019. On this Wednesday evening I have freshen up the following pages: Person Behind The Pen Living Naturally At Midlife Culinary Adventures The past few months I have faced many challenges in life ... more

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How Intent Are You About Goal Setting?

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Intent>>>having the mind, attention, or will concentrated on something or some end or purpose.       How Intent are you about goal setting? Do you set new year resolutions or goals?  You see a new year resolution is a promise and a goal is the end toward which effort ... more

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Reviews Of Favorite Books In Personal Library.

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Good morning, The above picture is a small idea of my cookbook library. These are located in the kitchen, so to utilize daily. The remainder of cookbooks and other personal books are located on shelves in the guestroom closet. Except for books pertaining of bartending information, which in this post ... more

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Six Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About A Brand New Free.

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As my caregiver days narrow towards a whole different way of life, there are six simple ( but important) things to remember about a brand new free. Free>>>: enjoying personal freedom : not subject to the control or domination of another Solitude Impossible Artificial Love Born 2 Fly Self-Care Bridges ... more

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Journaling Has Become A Way Of Life!!

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As I sit here tonight, sipping red wine and thinking about the past few month, I think about how Journaling and writing has consumed my life. Tangled up writer’s Life, is so close to perfect description still. It seems as everything that can stop you from writing happens these days. ... more

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