Change To The Adventure after 179 Weeks

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Welcome to what is now called: Donna Alford: Short Stories

It has now been 179 weeks since I welcomed you to my new adventure!

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On this dreary fall day of October I thought we would take a look at the changes in 179 weeks of writing and communicating with other bloggers, authors, music fans and gardener’s . So many wonderful and different opinions to come across daily!!

In the first welcoming I said ” My scariest change in life right now is my husband of almost 34  years is disabled, on oxygen and last stages of a disease called COPD.  Since his disability started about four years ago, we have downsized twice.  From a 10 room home  on seven acres, to a small apartment in town and now we have purchased a condo in a Community


  • Now been married 35 years as of September
  • Although we dealt with home health care this summer my husband to some peoples surprise is still holding his own.
  • Living in a Community keeps me really busy these days, I sit on the Condo Association board and work at the Country Club, have friends and neighbors I enjoy hearing from daily.

In the first welcoming I also said ” So that is the first adventure, doing some remodeling of the Cozy Condo  and learning to live in a community.


  • Cozy Condo is temporary not available, remodeling has been put to a halt due to illness.
The Person Behind The Pen

The Person Behind The Pen: Has had life situations affect her and some of these are the reason for the change after 179 weeks!!


  • Have a mission statement and affiliate disclaimers on The Person Behind The Pen Page
  • Have posted that this is in the process of becoming an author’s page, this will be the place to share writing progress and news of 2 books I am currently working on… first 1 is a cookbook so eventually there will be recipes and tips. Second book has always been in the makings, notebooks of notes to sift through and put thoughts in order. It is the book about my mom’s journey….Her Journey is Complete here on earth but not in my mind.
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As Evening Approaches

As evening approaches here in my small town of Missouri, I thank you once again for visiting and as I go heat up the tea kettle to have a cup of comfort I remind you that during Fall: Plenty Of Time For Goal Making

Countdown to Christmas Reminder

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