Christmas: The End Of 2020

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Christmas: The End Of 2020

Christmas: The End Of 2020

lighted christmas tree
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Christmas: The End Of 2020

How are you doing at the end of 2020? Is your tree up or are you a bah humbug person?

Our tree is up earlier than ever before because our grandson put it up after his dad dared him to do it while grandpa was asleep.


Christmas Movies:

As I sit at my desk, there are thirty-seven days until Christmas. I shared a Dear Diary post about the Christmas movie I watched already. A while back I did… Christmas Movies Bring, Questions of the Day.

What about you, do Christmas movies cause questions as much as books do at times?

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Sharing is Caring:

Amazing finds on the internet to share in time for decorating:

  1. Free Printable Art for Christmas Wall Decor
  2. Free Printable Christmas Word Art

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