Culinary Fun

The Aroma Of Fall Baking In The Air!

End Zone Brownies @newlifeduringmidlife

Disclaimer: I am an Affiliate and the pages and posts at times consist of links.

The above recipe comes from Celebrate Autumn by Gooseberry Patch. I absolutely love the taste of these brownies and the ease of preparation. The recipe calls for Chocolate Syrup and I want to give a shout out to The for her delicious quick recipe!!


Newlifeduringmidlife Culinary Adventures

Although I have been cooking from scratch most of my adult life and going to school for a couple years, I also lean on some very inspiring cooks when I haven’t had time to do the planning I would like to have time for during Midlife.

Food and Wine is a favorite magazine and website

Simply Recipes is another website I tend to visit on busy days

And last but not least is
I have received her cookbooks for Christmas and Enjoy her new Magazine.
My spouse believes the USA only has 2 spices Salt & Pepper but I seem to get away with others if I follow The Pioneer Woman’s recipes.


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