Eat, Pray, Love Review #1

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Good evening;

      Sitting here with a cup of chamomile tea and my thoughts…I have begun to read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert as the first from the Summertime reading

My very first favorite quote is ” There are always two figures in a marriage, after all—two votes, two opinions, two conflicting sets of decisions, desires and limitations.” Does this one capture your attention also?  Think about it for just a moment……were in the midlife stages of life, most of the chaos of raising a family and keeping chores up is finished. If your like us something has caused you to downsize to a smaller place…maybe do to illness or just want the freedom from the chores. Either way there are still two figures, two votes, two opinions, two sets of decisions & desires & limitations.

What happens to the  soul of one of the two figures if one figure decides to no longer give them a vote or allow opinions or even share desires?  

Keep in mind this is just one bloggers opinion, but from my personal experience if you loose your vote or opinion or even the chance to share your desires….well it brings the spirit and joy inside of you to a screeching halt!!  Which in turn causes you to just want to build walls and learn to live separately in the same atmosphere you have grown a custom to…..I’m not so sure it is right or wrong but another figure taking away your vote and opinion and being able to share desires is certainly not fair game.

Remember this is just one bloggers opinion.   I would love to hear how this quote affects your thoughts and if you have enjoyed reading this book.  Leave a comment

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