Ending 2020 Focused

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Ending 2020 Focused

Ending 2020 Focused

I am ending 2020 focused! Tasks include nutrition, photos, and Christmas. 64 days until Christmas 2020!! What is your focus for the next 64 days? Are you just focused on getting this year done? Please do not feel that way, let’s make this a holiday season that makes our children remember the traditions and not the toys. I have two adult nephews who just this year have let me know how much they loved our family gatherings at my home.

They remember the games and laughter; they remember the teenagers playing against the smaller children and having a blast. I remember one year surprising the women with a purse search. Now I did not warn the women and the things they found in their purses made for hilarious conversations. Thank goodness for cameras.

Cameras and Memories:

If you are in your fifties and older you remember how much effort parents took to capture pictures. Now we carry a camera everywhere and capture everything. I read this Magazine Article this week in “Magnolia Journal Spring 2020.” The article was titled ” The purpose of a photo. As a family historian, I enjoyed this piece. The following links were in the article. Artifact, Social Print Studio, and My favorite… Chat Books; be sure to watch her video. These links will help you get those photos to a point they can be seen.

Another task during Ending 2020 Focused is nutrition, I also still have Hidden Agenda of Future Trip. ;)

On Task with Nutrition Too:

On task with nutrition has me visiting resources I have used throughout my midlife years. They reminded me of the importance of eating and living right!

Peaceful living:

Peaceful living is my plan from now on, no matter who supports me or does not support me, peaceful living is my choice. Selfcare is not selfish and God created you to live peacefully and to take care of yourself.

Your Body:

Your body is remarkable! Current research teaches that an average person is estimated to contain thirty trillion human cells, according to recent research. Your body is always changing so it needs taken care of every day. Bones are amazing too. Nutrition and Bone Health basics can be just as important.

Sitting around is bad:
woman in front of her computer
Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

Sitting at that desk all day or just sitting around for a lengthy period is harmful to that awesome body you do the self-care for every day! Risks of sitting too much has Edward R Laskowski MD sharing research to hopefully make you aware of the harm.

The Man in the Chair is a challenging patient and has spent most of his retirement sitting. A caregiver has been my lifetime role and my Emotions By The Water are real she’s held it all in for too many years. 

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