Excited About Behind The Scenes!

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Excited About Behind The Scenes!

Excited about behind the scenes:

Excited about behind the scenes! I have been working on a companion blog for a few months now. Now I can share all my passions in two places. Those of you who have followed me for a while will catch on quickly that they will be linked together often. A companion blog has just gone live today!

This writer like most just has too many passions to just stop at one blog.

The new domain is AsortedInterests.com The recent blog will feature more of a lifestyle and travel blog!

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Sharing A Secret:

Sharing a secret that only a handful of people knew about, back in the 1990s this writer had a website. It was called AssortedInterests and she managed it on dial-up internet. She had five thousand visitors per month, and it was full of inspiration and research, and relationship posts. I deactivated that website in 2015 so that I could move on to blogging and authoring books.

She regrets deactivating it, instead of hiring a web designer to help with the improvements she desperately needed. Let me express that there is still Excitement About Behind The Scenes! She is confident she will reach those numbers again but reach them on two types of blogs versus just one spot!

Share Below:

Share in the comments the regrets and success of your blogs, rather you deactivated and reactivated or just started over. Also, share if you have more than one blog to be followed. Also, share if you have a giveaway happening soon or if giveaways just do not work for you?

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