Exciting Inspiring tools, and A New Year Of Recipes and Book Writing

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Exciting Inspiring tools, and A New Year Of Recipes and Book Writing

Exciting Inspiring tools, and A New Year Of Recipes and Book Writing

Inspiring tools, and A New Year Of Recipes and Book Writing. 2020 brought me tools and apps. Also, opportunities to create new food ideas for special diets.

Special Diets:

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My readers know that family Life Changes have really been inspiring for me to play with various methods for special diets. The holiday season encouraged me to attempt working with pumpkin recipes and cookies. While you wait for specifics, let me remind you that the Chocolate Pound Cake (Bariatric) worked great for my daughter-in-law.

Author details:

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I predict that the cookbook will be the easier of the two books I am working on these days. My short story book about Mom and life takes time to explore memories and emotions. Baking is a real passion of mine and seems easy to adjust things to help the family. I will reveal some of my Inspiring tools, apps, and favorite desserts in the new segment Meet the Writer this year.

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January also brings gardening plans; I have already ordered and received my seeds. Of course, gardening and landscaping remind me of my father. Having a beautiful yard is a way to my heart.

Exciting Inspiring tool:


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I have found and experiment with a few inspiring tools and apps in 2020. Some were found through other bloggers and some were found by searching for my needs. Tools and apps are essential to getting my writing accomplished these days.

I will begin with a confession; I like some of Flylady.net’s methods but not the constant emails and processes. My favorite thing is the Zones. The first app I would like to share is called ” Cleaning Organizer.” This app is in the Google Play Store. It is broken down into Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks, and Zone Tasks. This is so helpful to a busy blogger and caregiver.

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Another App for writing is becoming a real favorite! It is called

Mediabyte whiteboard” I tend to go here for brainstorming a new post. Although I have a notebook for brainstorming at times I just want to brainstorm while thoughts are fresh on my mind. An app called

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Resultivity Daily Productivity Motivation” Is inspiring because you get rewarded other levels as you stay on tasks with your writing or your work.

These are just three apps that have inspired me in 2020 and 2021. I plan to share another list in the following months. Please comment or pingback your experiences with these apps or similar ones I may want to try.


I learned about Canva.com in 2019 and have utilized it for several ideas! Thanks to ReviewXP I will be experimenting with 10 Sites like Canva: Best Canva Alternatives (2021) for 2021. Reedsy.com is where I found my website designer, you will find my review and other testimonies on Matthew’s profile. You can also find editors and other help with your book writing.

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”
— Virginia Woolf

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In conclusion, I hope you found something new and will share your experience with the new tool or app. Remember to pingback in comments of tools and apps this writer can experiment with also.

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